Later, a syndicate of Syracuse businessmen purchased the giant

Later, a syndicate of Syracuse businessmen purchased the giant

click replicayslbag The Cardiff Giant hoax often referred to as the greatest in American history was the brain child of New York businessman and atheist George Hull, who hired workers to carve a 10 foot tall «petrified man» out of a block of gypsum after he had an argument with a Methodist reverend about the chapter in Genesis 6:4 that states «giants once roamed the earth.» He then arranged for it to be buried in Cardiff, just south of Syracuse, dug up a year later and «found,» leading thousands of people to believe it was the petrified remains of an ancient giant man. Frank Baum and Mark Twain wrote about it. Later, a syndicate of Syracuse businessmen purchased the giant for $23,000 and moved it to Syracuse for display, upping the price to $1 per view.

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