«I’m sure many of the parents will be glad to have some free

«I’m sure many of the parents will be glad to have some free

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Hermes Belt Replica «Where do I draw the line? Do I ask everyone whose house I’ll be going to whether or not they have guns?» she wrote. «What are the appropriate questions? Do I ask where they are stored and who has access? What else should I ask? Or should I mind my own business? I know the questions won’t be appreciated by everyone because it will seem like I am questioning their judgment.»In her response, the «Dear Abby» columnist told the mother that asking parents whether they have guns and how they store them «may be off putting.»»Because you are concerned for your child’s safety, why not offer to have the kids visit your house for playdates?» Phillips wrote. «I’m sure many of the parents will be glad to have some free time, and it shouldn’t offend anyone.»It wasn’t long until readers shared on social media their disappointment in the advice, pointing out that telling the mom (and other parents who read the column) that asking about firearms is offensive puts kids at risk. Hermes Belt Replica

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