2 at the Arts Pavilion in Emmaus Community Park

2 at the Arts Pavilion in Emmaus Community Park

2. TRISTAN JARRY EDMONTON (WHL): Jarry appeared in 25 games, sporting an 18 7 record and leading the team with six shutouts, despite being the backup. He finished the year with a 1.61 goals against average and a.936 save percentage. It’s Percy’s son, Jack (an earnest Tom Holland), who is eventually chosen as his travelling companion along with his most dependable aide, Henry Costin, played by Robert Pattinson, barely recognisable under a beard wiry enough to constitute a forest in itself. Costin injects some easy going and much needed humour into the action but the film’s ending proves to be Gray’s biggest challenge and he doesn’t quite carry it off. There’s a strong whiff of hokum in the air as the final credits roll..

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